Scott’s S15 200sx – Engine Build

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got some updates to Scott’s SR20DET engine build. Obviously with the demise of his SR20DET, Scott has chosen to go with a Powertune rebuild! Now if you don’t already know, a Powertune engine and tune package means that you’ve got a warranted Powertune Package. This means that should Scott’s Engine fail because of any negligence on our part, we’ll warrant his engine and tune… That is… We’ll replace it!

Powertune stage 0 head

Scott’s head is a Powertune Stage 0 reconditioned head featuring Rocker Arm Stoppers, cams and adjustable gears

Scott’s chosen to go for our Stage 0 reconditioned head and Stage 1 forged bottom-end package. This package is good for up to 450rwkW and is a perfect for choice his 3071R.

Powertune-forged SR20DET

Scott’s Powertune-forged SR20DET awaiting a new home

V.I.N, our engine builder has put lots of engines together in his time… He’s the most experienced in the team hands down. You can read about V.I.N, our engine builder (and our whole team for that matter) HERE.

Scott's SR20DET S15 200sx

Scott’s S15 with its empty engine-bay ready to pick up its new Powertune-forged SR20DET

Unfortunately because of the condition of Scott’s engine, we couldn’t salvage his head nor block, so weren’t able to do an exchange. It’s still incredible to think how much damage can be done in such a short amount of time. Have you read about Scott’s initial setup? Check it out HERE.

Scott's SR20DET S15 200sx

Scott’s S15 ready to pick up its new Powertune-forged SR20DET

All Powertune’s engine builds feature brand new serviceable items, that is, oil pump, water pump, seals, gaskets, thermo all get replaced. On a Powertune build, these are all brand new items.

Scott's SR20DET S15 200sx

Scott’s S15 ready to pick up its new Powertune-forged SR20DET

Our Stage 0 head and Stage 1 forged bottom end package is a great package for those looking to keep their setups 2.0L but want to push some serious power through it. It’s $7350 for the short motor and remember, if we tune it, we’ll warrant it!

Scott's SR20DET S15 200sx

Scott’s Powertune-built SR20DET sitting comfortable

Hang tight as we’ll be tuning this puppy real soon!

Any questions about this build? Interested in our Engine Packages? Click here to drop us a line :)


Scott’s S15 200sx

Meet Scott’s Japanese delivered 200sx S15 Silvia. It was only mid to late 2012 when Scott dropped in for us to do some mild work, fitting a GT3071R turbo setup and tuning it all on an A’PEXi PowerFC. So imagine when to our shock after only a few short months, Scott rings us up with the words every tuning shop dreads to hear… “The Motor’s gone”.

SR20DET blown motor

Scott’s SR20 block when we first opened it up

When asked to give us the spiel, Scott says “A mate was driving it, and was giving it hard time, I wasn’t even in it”. Apparently Scott was in an Evo which happened to be in the very same vicinity at the very exact same time being driven just as hard. Coincidence!

SR20DET blown motor

Scott’s SR20 block showing damage caused by overheating

“We had no idea, but at some point the bottom radiator hose blew off, and things quickly got very hot,” unfortunately, with his eyes affixed to the aforementioned Evo, Scott’s friend didn’t notice the rapidly skyrocketing water temp gauge. “The car turned itself off, and I saw the smoke,” says Scott. “I popped the bonnet and panicked… I was thinking ‘my car is f*****… What the f*** has he done?”.

SR20DET blown motor

Close-up showing the damage on the block

A quick check revealed no compression, tragic… Check out what we found when we opened up Scott’s motor

SR20DET blown motor

Close-up showing damage on the head

The damage is impressive. In this instance both the block and the head cannot be salvaged. It’s incredible how it only takes a a few short minutes under these conditions for this kind of damage to be done.

So where does that leave us now? Well, Scott’s had a look at our engine packages, so make sure you keep your eye on this blog to find out more 🙂

200sx S15 SR20DET rebuild

Parked in the workshop… For now…

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